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What do the "Units Available / Units Inbound" numbers mean for each item?  For example, an item might show "24/60" in the Units Available/ Units Inbound column.  This means that there are 24 units available to ship (available for you to purchase) right now.  There are another 60 units inbound to the warehouse from the manufacturer.

How to Search:

To search for products, visit the Product Search page and enter a key word or use the filters to find the products you need.  You can search by KEY WORD, or by BRAND, or by PRODUCT CATEGORIES.

To search by KEY WORD, simply visit the Product Search page and enter the Key Word you wish to search in the top left search box and press enter.  If you want to search by UPC code, this is where you would want to do that.  The Key Word field searches through descriptions, manufacturer numbers, brands and SKUs for your entered term.

To search by BRAND, simply select the "Brand" from the Brand section below the Key word search bar.  If you don't immediately see the brand you need, be sure to Scroll Down to see the complete list.  You can search for a brand by entering it in the brand search bar.

To search by CATEGORY, simply visit the "Categories" section (below Brand), and select the category you need.  Once you have selected the main category, you can select a Sub Category to find a more refined grouping.  Wait a moment for the Sub Categories to show based on your choice of main category.  There are even Sub-Sub-Categories you can choose.  For example, "Crankbait" is a Sub-Sub-Category of "Hard Baits," which is a Sub Category of "Lures and Baits and Attractants."

When you select a BRAND, the available Categories are updated based on the Brand you selected.  Likewise, when you select a CATEGORY, the Brands are updated based on the Category (and sub categories) you selected.

Also, you can show items In-Stock, In-Stock and Inbound, or All Items.  You can also select "New Arrivals" to see items that just arrived at the warehouse.

Easy Order Writer:

Already know what you want? You can use our Easy Order Writer to simply paste in the items and requested quantities and get them instantly added to your cart all at once.  You can click "Remove Out of Stock" to remove any items from your cart that are Out of Stock.

Checkout & Shopping Cart:

Ready to Check Out?  Click on the SHOPPING CART icon in the upper right hand corner of the page.  From here, choose CHECKOUT.

Need to change the quantity of items in your Shopping Cart?  Click on the Shopping Cart icon.  Then, at the right hand side of the page, choose the Up or Down arrow to increment up or down to the desired quantity.

Order History and Tracking Numbers:

You can view your previous Sales Orders and Invoices from within your account by simply visiting the "Order History" page.  Inside this page, you will see your Sales Orders. Any invoices for shipments from the Sales Order are shown.  You can also see the Tracking Number if the order has already shipped.

Have More Questions?  Please Call Us!

Call us at 760-659-2829 during office hours or email "" with any questions!  We are here to help.